Foodbuzz: For a Foodbuzz Magazine?


Greetings again!

The old geezer just doesn’t give up (am in a hurry, not much time left!OL)!

This is only a suggestion as I’m not a Member of Foodbuzz Team.
But suggestions have a way to expand before we realize it!

If a new website like Japan-I can succeed with a website and tabloid (180,000 copies) after only 4 months of existence with a similar concept (free Website+tabloid aimed at tourists in 4 languages), there is no reason why Foodbuzz Magazine or Tabloid should not succeed!
Actually two Foodbuzz members (Melinda Joe and myself) already write gourmet articles for Japan-I!

With the 1,000,000 articles from all the World just around the bend, Foodbuzz has an embarrassment of choices as to what to publish. The articles being written by true food lovers, the appeal is universal, even if such a tabloid/magazine would be available only in North America (send it to us in Japan!LOL).

As I said, it is only a small suggestion. What do you think of it?

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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