Greetings, everyone!

It seems that the old geezer has more time on his hands than anybody else! LOL
First, let me point out again that I am not a member of the Foodbuzz Team!

Last night, as I was breezing/browsing through the new Foodies I stumbled across a new Member calling itself Acai Berry! Now, that was bad luck for the critters as I had been spammed for a whole month by their ads!

I decided to take the time to go through the last two days’ batch of new members and found a dozen more similar little beasts!
The big giveaway is the bottom line on their Foodbuzz Profile when they don’t have the guts/nerve to advertise their website!
Three were pretty nasty, as two of them had borrowed an avatar/photograph while the third one made no bones about advertising cash card debts repayments!

To cut a story short, I sent a mail to Foodbuzz with a reference to all those unwanted creatures and Foodbuz promptly skewered them and threw them into the BBQ pit!

If you stumble across those blisters yourself, promptly send a mail to editorial@foodbuzz.com and the Team will take care of them!

Cheers and all that!

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