It was back to classical” bento today!
That is rice topped with all kinds of ingredients!


For once I managed to steal into the kitchen to take a quick pic of the rice being steamed with the beans!


It was a pretty voluminous bento as you can see!


As for the main meat the Missus fried slices of tuna in soy sauce and covered with cheese and chopped thin leeks.


The rest of the garnish consisted of renkon/lotus roots, shiitake and stringbeans fried together in the same pan as the tuna. She added a fresh plum tomato, boiled egg seasoned with black sesame, home-made piclled mini melons and myoga and lettuce. I probably forget something!


Chopped veg salad with pieces of lettuce and walnuts and cherries from Yamanashi Prefcture for dessert!

I can guarantee you I was full after that!

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