I must admit that the Missus worked hard toady to create a slightly different bento, albeit using the same ideas!


She opted for the healthy and fulfilling combination of maki/rolls and tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette.


Having steamed the rice (she added a piece of konbu/seaweed today), stirred and cooled it, she mixed in a generous amount of tobikko/flying fish roe, “white” and black sesame seeds. She then made sushi maki with fresh lettuce instead of seaweed, and placed smoked salmon and avocado in the middle (she had them with lemon juice beforehand). Californian Bento? LOL


As for the tamagoyaki, she made it according to my request: She mixed the eggs with fine pieces of pimento and chopped thin leeks. The result? Spanish Tamagoyaki or Japanese Tapas? I leave it to yuo!LOL


As for the salad: shredded vegetables, mini tomatoes, French cornichons.
Got American dark cherries for dessert!

High-class bento, I must admit!

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