Just found the idea in a Japanese cookbook for an easy vegan/vegetarian appetizer based on tomato:
Agar agar Tomato Jelly!

-Tomato Juice: 300 ml (make your own juice form tomatoes freshly bought or picked!9
-Orange Juice: 250 ml (same a for tomato juice. Choose biologically grown ones!)
-Sugar: 3 large tablespoons
-Agar agar powder: 4 g

-Pour all ingredients into pan. Het until suagr and agar and agra are completely dissolved.
-Pour into recipients o your choice and let cool.
-Put inside the fridge and serve when the jelly has completely solidified.

This is a very basic recipe, which calls for variations and ideas:
-If on a diet, discard sugar, and add a lttle celery salt, white pepper and spices of your choice. ecorate with basil leaves.
-Can be used as solid base under fruit or vegetable salads!
-Mixing alcohol with it, vodka for example, and you have jelly cocktail.

Have some good fun!

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