Summer comes with all kinds of fruit and vegetables that can be combined into simple and refreshing salads. Moreover, they make for healthy snacks for the family and summer parties.
To be enjoyed with all kinds of ades or white wines (including the bubbly ones). In Japan, sake of course!

Simple Grapefruit & Avocado Salad

Ingredients: For 2 people
-Grapefruit: 1 large, sanguine type preferable
-Avocado: 1 large. Choose it soft, but firm enough to be cut
-Salt: a pinch (to taste)
-Ground pepper (to taste)
-Lemon juice
-Olive oil (EV): 1 large tablespoon

-Peel grapefruit and extract the “meat” carefully the wedges over a bowl. Cut the wedges into bite size pieces and drop them in the bowl where they will be kept with any juice that has flowed from them.

-Cut Avocado in two, discard the large seed, peel and cut into bite-size pieces. Add some lemon juice to them to preserve colour in a separate bowl.

-Add Avocado to grapefruit. Add salt, ground pepper and olive oile. Mix well but as delicately as possible.

-Serve in individual plates with all the “juice”. Add basil of other herb leaves for decoration and taste.

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