Mussles a re a favourite every where, but especially in the north of France, Belgium and Flanders.
The safran adds an exaotic note to this simple delicious recipe:
Safran Cream Mussles!

INGREDIENTS: For persons
-Mussles: 3 litres/2.5 kg
-Safran: a few filaments
-1 very fresh egg
-Dry white wine: 150ml
-Fresh cream: 200 ml
-Garlic: 1 clove (peeled)
-Bouquet garni
-Salt (to taste)
-Pepper (to taste)


-Brush and clean mussles under running cold water twice.

-Drop the mussles inside a wrought iron dish (le Creuset style) with the wine, garlic, andbouquet garni. Add salt and pepper. Cover and cook on a medium-high fire. Shake mussles around regularly for uniform cooking. Cook until all mussles are open. It will take about 10 minutes.

-Drain them over a bowl. Filter the “juices”.
Take mussles out of their shells.

Take the

-Heat the juices with the fresh cream and safran added on a medium-low fire, stirring all the time. Check taste and season if needed.

-Separate yolk from white. (store egg white for another recipe).
in a separate bowl whisk the egg yolk with a little of the safran cream.

-Away from the fire, pour all the juices and the egg yolk into the wrought iron dish. Mix well. Put dish over ow mediumfire again.

-Put back the mussles inside the dish as soon as the sauce is hot enough.

-Serve the mussles as soon as they are hot enough into bowls or deep plates.
Serve either as a starter or with rice (steam or buttered)

Enjoy with a strong white wine!

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