When Summer comes, one is looking for light but sophisticated food to go with all those cold drinks!
Here is recipe that marries concepts from South East Asia and Northern Europe:
Smoked Salmon Nems in Vodka Cream sauce!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 persons

-Smoked Salmon: 6 thin slices (fairly long)
-Mascarpone: 250 g
-Fresh cream: 150 ml
-Vodka: 50 ml
-Lemon juice: 1 lemon
-Chervil: 6 sprigs
-Ciboulette (very thin leeks): 12~ sprigs
-Baies roses/whole pink peppercorns: 12 roughly broken
-Red hot chili/Espelette: to taste
-Salt: a little (to taste)

Vodka Cream sauce:
-Fresh cream: 150 ml
-Vodka: 50 ml
-Lemon juice: 1 lemon
-Baies roses: 6
Salt and pepper (to taste)


-Cut the smoked salmon slices into squares approximately 10×6 cm.
Put each over a cellophane paper piece and keep in the fridge.

-Cut the chervil and ciboulette finely.
In a bowl, beat very cold fresh cream into Chantilly cream (solid, but carful! stop before it turns into butter!). Add slowly and carefully Mascarpone into the cream, then lemon juice, vodka, chopped chervil and ciboulette and broken baiese roses, and last slat and chili pepper.

-Place this filling over the salmon slices. Roll them into nems. Wrap them tightly into cellophane paper and leave them inside refrigerator.

-Grind the beaies roses.
In a bowl mix fresh cream, vodka, lemon juice and ground baies roses with a whisk. Season it if needed and mix again. Leave in refrigerator.

-Just before serving, take nems/rolls out of the fridge. Cut each extremity for better effect (this will allow to taste them beforehand!).
Place them on plates. decorate plate with Vodka Cream Sauce.

They look even greater served mounted with some salmon roe and ciboulette sprigs!

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