Yesterday’s bento was typically Japanese in concept and ingredients.
The Missus tried to make it more “stamina-like” as they say in Japan, but at the same time, keeping the calories in check.


The “musubi/rice balls” were of two types: one with sweet konbu/seaweed” the other with “sweet umeboshi/pickled Japanese plums”. All balls were wrapped in “shiso/perilla” leaves.


As for the garnish, the Missus aded “chikuwa/fish paste tubes” filled with fresh cucumber.
Home-made cucumber pickles were also included.


Sweet and sour chicken “dango/balls” she had coated with black sesame seeds beforehand.


And of course “tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette”!
Mini tomatoes for the Vitamin C and plums (not pictured) for dessert.

Bewteen you and me, I felt pretty satisfied!

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