Okonomiyaki: Osaka/Kansai Style


As promised to Tom and other friends, here is a basic recipe for the (modern) Osaka/Kanasai-style Okonomiyaki (Osaka is the name of the city, Kansai means Western Japan). This particular recipe includes soba that you may discard and replace with more vegetables:

(All ingredients might not be available in your country. Improvise!)

-Batter (enough for at least two large okonomiyaki):
Mineral water: a small amount
Salad oil: a little
Soy sauce (“thin taste”): 50 ml
Mirin/sweet sake: 50 ml
Japanese Cooking sake (or sake): 50 ml
Salt: a pinch
Pepper: 1 tablespoon
Dashi powder/Stock powder: 10 g
Flour: 1 kg

-Filling (quantity according to preferences. Experiment!):
Shredded cabbage
Dry fish stock powder
Grated taro root
Egg: 1
Chopped leeks
Soba noodles
Tenkasu/tenpura crumbs
Bacon slices

Okonomiyaki sauce can be bought at specialized stores, bu I make my own with worcester sauce, bulldog sauce, ketchup, hot mustard and pepper.


-Dry seaweed powder



-Mix all batter ingredients to gether in a large bowl.

In a separate large bowl, drop egg, dry fish stock powder and tenkasu/tenpura crumbs.

Add Grated taro root.

Add chopped leeks.

Add batter.

Mix well.

Add shredded cabbage.

Mix well.

Oil large hot plate (or large frypan).

Place 3 large pork/bacon rashers parrallel to each other.

Pour okonomiyaki batter on top.

Shape the okonomiyaki into a circle.

Put the soba onto the hot plate.

Add sauce and ketchup to soba and fry.

Flip the okonomiyaki over.

Brush with some sauce.

Place soba on top.

Pour some batter onto the noodles.

Flip the whole over with pancake on top.

Flip over again after a while.

Add sauce all over the noodles.

Add mayonnaise as in picture.

Sprinkle with dry seaweed powder. The okonomiyaki in front is a double decker, the one at at the back a single decker!

Et voila!

Cut and serve as shown on the picture.

I will look around and see if I can find more variations!

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