For once it was not raining this morning, meaning that the Missus was in a fairly good mood and accepted my requests for today’s bento!


“Today’s bento might be a bit small. Is that ok?”
“No problem!”. Actually it looked as there was plenty.


“How many musubi/rice balls do you want?”
“Three will be enough!” (I know how big they come…)
“I include dry nori/seaweed in a separate pack for you to wrap them in!”
“Three different kinds: one with sweet seaweed, one with minced red cucumber pickles and one with salmon furikake/seasoning powder!”
“Very fine!”


“As you requested, I put edamame tamagoyaki! Is that enough?”
“Sure, as I have already eaten two pieces!”


“As for the garnish, gyuniku saikoro/beef dices, beans salad, mini-tomatoes and celery!”
“For dessert, nectarine!”
“Thank you so much, dear!”

I wonder how long this fine weather will hold,…

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