Today’s bento was “Typhoon Bento”! Not the one that crashed on Taiwan last week, but the next one which veered onto Japan today!
I can assure you that the Missus was “pretty” grumpy!


In Summer I very often get these cold noodles/”men-ramen-soba” bentoes. I can keep the in the fridge at the office and eat them chilled.
Very much appreciated in these hot days!

Today’s was mad of ramen first boiled then cooled under running cold water. They were topped with finely choppe veg, pieces of lettuce, boiled shrimp, home-made chicken ham, Soft boiled egg seasoned withblack sesame seeds and steamed edamame.


Here’s a side view!


I was provided with “men tsuyu/cold noodles stock soup) to add to the noodles. I added some dressing from the bottle kept in the fridge.


Great dessert for once: Fresh “nashi/Japanese pears”, figs and blueberries!

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my origins and family recently.
I will include a few pics of the (surviving) family from time to time to give you an idea of my (very normal) roots!


The Tricolour (unintended!) Picture taken inside my Dad’s (big) home in Givry, Bourgogne, France:
Andre, my Dad (86 years old)
Myself (60 years old)
Francois, my second younger brother (52 years old)

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