Vegan Japanese Dessert: Fruit Jelly


The Japanese do have some simple ideas to please vegans and vegetarians alike, especially when it comes to simple, tasty and healthy desserts.
Here is a simple fruit jelly dessert you can adapt according to seasons and availability (try it with your kids!):

INGREDIENTS: For 2 large cups
-100% orange juice (organic if possible) 200ml
-Water: 200 ml
-Agar agar: 2^4 g (depending how solid you like your jelly)
-100% apple juice (organic if possible): 200 ml
Water: 200 ml
-Agar agar: 2~4 g
-Grapefruit: 1 peeled and and quartered (all skins off)
-Mint leaves and blueberries for final touch


-Pour water in a pan. Add agar agar. Heat a little to dissolve agar agar. Add orange juice. Pour into two glass cup of your choice and leave inside the fridge until it solidifies completely.

-Add grapefruit.

-Reapeat with apple juice: pour water in a pan and add agar agar. Heat slowly to dissolve agar agar. Add fruit juice. Pour the lot over the grapefruit.

-Add grapefruit and mint to your liking and put inside refrigerator to solidify.

-Variation with 3 layers!

-As it appears on your spoon!

-The other way round!

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