Well, today we did not have to worry about typhoons or earthquakes, although the heat is becoming really severe.
The 20 minutes bicycle ride to work leaves in a pool of sweat.


The Missus fortunately reduced the volume of today’s bento, as I feel quite bloated with all those drinks I guzzled down during my 10-hour cricket umpiring stint yesterday!


The Missus prepared my regular tamagoyaki “fix” with vegetables including pimento and edamame.


I got my other favourite: Karaage chicken/Japanese style deep-fried chicken, seasoned with black sesame seeds before deep-frying. Some lemon for more seasoning.


The three musubi/rice balls containg white sesame seeds were wrapped in shiso/perilla leaves.


A very simple salad with “mixed baby leaves”, peach wedges, blueberries and walnuts.

Back to normal!

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