Japanese Cuisine: Karei no Nitsuke/Simmered Turbot


Karei no Nitsuke/Simmered Turbot

Karei/Turbot or halibut is a cheap and very popular fish in Japan, especially cooked, steamed, simmered or deep-fried.

Here is a very easy recipeof Simmered turbot found in many homes and izakayas:



INGREDIENTS: For 3 “slices”


-Turbot/Halibut: 3 large cuts

-Soy sauce: 130 ml

-Sugar: 2 tablepsoons

-Mirin/sweet sake: 4 tablespoons

-Japanese sake: 4 tablespoons

-Miso paste: 1 tablespoon

-Garlic, grated: half a tablespoon

-Ginger, grated: Half a tablespoon


-In a large pan drop soy sauce, miso paste, sugar, mirin and sake, and bring slowly to boil.

Add the Karei fish

-Add fish and bring slowly to boil.

It has to look like this

-Add grated garlic and ginger and cook on a low-medium fire until fish is almost cooked.

Cover with foil like this

-Cover the fish with foil paper and simmer for 5 more minutes. Take care not burn anything.

After simmered it may look like this

-Discard foil paper and keep spooning the juices over the fish until it has reached a nice brown colour and reduced to a nice texture.

Here is the final result for halibut !

-Serve at once with some lettuce or greens. The fish and the sauce should have a shiny aspect.

The juices might look a bit dark, but that is when it’s at its best. Cooking time is difficult to determine exactly, but make sure nothing “burns”.

Great with plain steamed rice.

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