The Missus usually prepares only sandwiches as bento/lunch boxes on Fridays before I leave for University because I have to eat them aboard the train.
Accordingly they have to be kept simple and as a general rule are not really worthy writing about.


But today’s sandwiches were a bit more sophisticated than usual.
Why? you may ask. Well, Friday is my night out, but for once I invited the Dragon out (we normally eat out on Thursdays9, which might explain the quality of today’s “Train bento”!


Breads are available in an almost infinite range these days in Japan.
The bread used for these sandwiches are similar to pita bread but square and pre-cut.
Once toasted, they offer a crispy thin surface while the outside is soft and tender.
They are easier to hold, making them very practical to eat on the train where the contents tend to spill out.


As for the contents, the Missus fried chicken “sasami/fillets” in karaage style with spice mix added.
She added lettuce, cress and French pickles for a great combination.

I can assure you I wolfed them down in a jiffy!

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