It’s been more than two weeks since I last wrote about my bentoes!
Don’t worry, the Missus is still making them!
The reason for this prolonged silence is that we did travel a couple of times on Mondays and Tuesdays. Otherwise the Missus had prohibited me from reporting on them as she did not judge them worthwhile.

Today’s bento can be considered a classic Japanese beto with steamed rice with various garnishes.

The Missus steamed fresh rice with hijiki/sweet seaweed and beans on top, which she stirred altogether upon being cooked.

Soft-boiled eggs (meaning that the yolk is still soft) seasoned with roasted black sesame seeds.
The salad consist of boiled na no hana/rape blossoms and fried shimeji mushrooms seasoned with goma tare/sesame dressing.

As for the meat part she fried chicken tsukune/ patties.

Before frying them she made a slice of renkon/lotus root to adhere to once side for added crucnchiness.

The other side after being fried in a Japanese-style sweet and sour sauce.

The salad/dessert consisted of pieces of jiro kaki/squat persimmon, sliced radish and muscat on a bed of fresh leaf vege/herbs.

Back onto a healthy road!

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