Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/78)


Today’s bento is typical of a traditional Japanese lunch box in Winter.
As I have to keep the calories in check, the Missus slightly reduced the amount of rice and extra garnishes.
The rice was steamed together with some konbu/seaweed cut in tiny pieces she left mixed into the rice.

Being in a good mood, the Missus took particular care of the colours and design.
She covered half of the rice with fired minced chicken with black seasme seeds and made a “border” with young soy beans in their pods she had cut after slightly boiling them.

Instead of making tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, she prepared iretamago/sweet Japanese scrambled eggs.

As for the garnish, she fried sato-imo/a variety of Jpanese sweet glutinous tubers with black sesame seeds, home-made pickled Kyoto carrots (deep red carrots), an an assortment of broccoli and cauliflower:

Boiled broccoli, white cauliflower and mauve cauliflower (grown in Shizuoka City!).

The dessert was kept very simple: grenadine compoted applaes and stewed sweet black beans.

Plenty and tasty, actually!

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