My friends know I nurture a pet hate for all spammers!LOL
Following a suggestion by my good Foodbuzz friend, Bazooka Gourmet, I decided to run a little series on recipes including Spam.

Spam Spam sushi nigiri is apparently the “National Sushi of Hawaii”.
I’m sure friends there will come with some more interesting suggestions!

Spam Nigiri with Ginger rice!


-Steamed rice: 3 small bowls ( a bowl means a serving in Japan. That should make enough for 6 nigiri. Bear in mind that the nigiri will be a large as a spam slice)
-Spam: 1 standard can. Enough to make 6 slices
-Fresh ginger: 30 g
-Leeks (Manno style, but any leeks can work if thin enough): 4~5 stems
-Sesame oil: 1 tablespoon
-White sesame seeds: 1 tablespoon
-Cheese (sliced cheese): 2 fourths of a large thin slice.
-Nori: dry seaweed for binding


Here is the kind of spam available in Japan.

-Leeks and fresh ginger before chopping (leeks) and grating (ginger).

-Fry the spam slices on both sides until satisfaction.
-You may vary on the thickness of the spam slice.

-Add the grated 80% of the chopped leeks, ginger, sesame seeds and sesame oil with the freshly steamed rice.
Chop the leeks.

-Form a rice ball of the spam surface size and and shape. Place a cheese on top, than a slice of fried spam.
Secure with a band of nori/dried seaweed.
Serve them sprinkled with the rest of the chopped leeks.
Eat at once!


-Try and use freshely steamed rice. It willbe easier to shape and will not break away.
-Don’t be afraid of increasing the amount of ginger, leeks and white seame to add more taste.ご飯は少し硬めに-On the other hand, do not add sesame oil!

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