Spam Donburi/Japanese Spam on a Bowl of Rice


Here is another suggestion for using spam that is surely going to provoke Bazooka Gourmet into new comments! LOL

It is very simple and makes for a solid meal.

Steam some rice either to be served plain or as sushi rice. See sushi rice recipe HERE for the latter.

Fill a large bowl with the sushi rice.
Sprinkle the top with plenty of Finely cut dry seaweed.
You might smear here and there with a little grated wasabi, too.

Use spam that you would have cut into strips and fried (and let cool) with seasoning beforehand.
Intersperse them with avocado slices (seasoned with a little soy sauce and lemon juice.
Place a poached egg in the middle.
Season the whole with the dressing or mayonnaise of your choice in the pattern suggested in picture.
You may add plum tomatoes and greens for better effect and taste!

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