Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Taro in Sesame and Miso sauce


Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Taro in Sesame and Miso sauce

Here is another vegan recipe that is not only healthy and easy to pprepare but will also give you plenty of satisfaction:
Taro In sesame and Miso sauce!

INGREDIENTS: For 3~4 people

-Taro/sato imo: 3 medium to large
-Miso: 1 tablespoon
-Sugar: 1 tablespoon
-Mirin/Sweet sake: 1/2 tablepoon
-Ground sesame seeds: 1/2 tablespoon


Bear in mind that depending on the size of the taro/sato imo, you might have to amend the cooking time.
Don’t forget to turn them over once halfway.
You can also vary the quantity of ground sesame!

Easy again, ain’t it?

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