Kazuya Tomii/Chef-Owner at Tomii, Shizuoka City

There are times when I just fel too hungry to finish the day at work.
I always have a break at around 18:00 (I usually finish my day at 21:00), and I call it the “Stomach Pang Hour”. It is hard to resist the temptation everyday, so I’m bound to fall prey to mu\y yearnings and make a quick run for one of my favourite haunts.

When I reached Tomii the other day, they were really busy with big groups, which allowed me to take my time at te counter and take some pics of what stands or lies there for the guests’ attention (I mean the appetizers!LOL)

This is the full range of the sake form nurukan/warm sake. Four of them are from Shizuoka Prefecture!
As for the cold sake count three times as many varieties waiting in the fridge!

Being busy, Chef Tomii served a a few morsels/appetizers.
The above one is fresh bambaoo shoot from Oshika, Shizuoka Prefecture deep-fried in kabushi-age style sprinkled with o-kaka/fine fish shavings and pan-fried wakame seeweed with sesame seeds.

As I said I had plenty of time to take pictures of what was on the counter.
The above are small seguro/black back sardines from Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, prepared in Mirin boshi style/marinated in mirin sweet sake and generously sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Boiled Umi-tsubu-gai/ a popular variety of small conch shellfish.

Chef Tomii makes a point of mixing Japanese and Shizuoka specialties.
He serves real Shizuoka-style oden (Japanese pot-au-feu9 in a dark broth typical of our region.

On a plate just before serving. Hot Japanese mustard and dry seaweed powder will be added.

A dark Japanese/Shizuoka Witch Brew?

Another appetizer: Matsumaezuke/marinated finely cut vegetables and seaweed.

The sashimi plate I was waiting for!

Bottom line:
Suzuki/Seabass/鱸 on a slice of red daikon.
Next to it going to the right: Murasaki Uni/Violet sea urchin/紫海栗, Sayori/Japanese Halbeak/細魚 on a slice of yellow Kyoto Carrot.
Above the seabass, Aori Ika/Bigfin Reef Squid/煽り烏賊.
And above: Honmaguro/Blue Fin Tuna/本鮪 Akami/Lean part/赤身

On the shiso/perilla leaf/紫蘇, Madai/True snapper-Seabream/真鯛 and Aori Ika/Bigfin Reef Squid/煽り烏賊 again on a slice of red Kyoto carrot.

The wasabi is naturally freshly grated Shizuoka wasabi root!

For a better look at the tuna and the sprouts! (a bit fuzzy, actually! Sorry!)

Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa-cho, 1-2-7, Tomii Bldg, 1F
Tel.: 054-274-0666
Business hours: 17:00~22:00
Closed on Sundays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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