I called this bento “the Convict Bento” bedause it was not supposed to be posted last Tuesday. The Missus was in a hurry and a grumpy mood (for good reasons?) and tersely ordered, “not for the blog!”.
I have a propensity to disobey the Missus’ orders…

It was the “open sandwich-style” bento with English muffins.
Quite simple, almost analog, but filling, tasty and colourful.

The fillings consisted of:
Boiled baby corns, white asparaguses, pois gourmends/green peas in their pods, cut green string beans with their dip dressing.
Japanese-style scrambled eggs (containing some gren veg), Japanese-char siu (cold), carrot and walnut salad, and mini tomatoes (dessert?).

Pickled green young melons (a Japanese specialty), Boiled and sauteed sato imo/taro tubers with black sesame seeds, violet kawaire daikon sprouts (for more vitamin C and iron). Plenty of lettuce was also included for making the sandwiches.

I was pretty happy about it, actually!

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