Aubergines/egg plants or “nasu/茄子” in Japanese are a universAL favourite. I’m sure that Debra at Hapabento will jump on that one!LOL

Aubergines/Egg-plants in Sweet and Sour Sauce/Nasu no Agedashi Ankake

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people

Aubergines: 4 (Choose them fat and almost round!)
-Mirin/Japanese sweet sake: 50 cc/ml
-Soy sauce: 50 cc/ml
-Water: 300 cc/ml
-Dashi konbu/seaweed powder: 8 g
-Bonito shavings/Katsuobushi: 8 g
-Cornstarch dissolved in lukewarm water: as appropriate
-Ginger: freshly grated, as appropriate


-Prepare the oil for deep-frying.
Peel the aubergines/egg plants and cut into 8~12 pieces each

-Deep-fry the aubergines/egg-plants until they reach a light brown/”fox” colour. Let them loose as much as oil as possible by leaving them on a mesh or a piece of kitchen paper. You will then tranfer them into serving dishes as in picture above.

-Drop mirin/Japanese sweet sake, soy sauce, water, dashi konbu/seaweed powder, bonito shavings/Katsuobushi in a pan and heat until boiling point. Add cornstarch dissolved in lukewarm water and stir until you have attained the appropriate thickness. Switch off fire.

-Pour sauce in equal amounts over the aubergines/egg-plants in each dish.

-Top with grated fresh ginger and serve.

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