I called this bento, “Two-Box Bento” simply because the Missus has combined that faithful bamboo leaves/fibers box with half of the new cedar wood lunch box!

The weather has made a complete turnaround from yesterday’s deluge to a balmy day with plenty of sunshine and heat. I will have to find many reasons to get out the office today!

Today’s bento was another hearty one. I love bentoes, but if I had one everyday I would be afraid to step on the scales every morning!

The “main dish” featured tuna fried with tomato sauce, boiled peas in their pods (they are caleed “snap endou” in Japanese), home-pickled myoga ginger (in sweet vinegar), mini tomatoes and home-pickled wasabi stems and leaves.

Rice consisted of three musubi/rice balls containing umeboshi/Jpanese pickle plum. One ball was was seasoned with yuzu kosho furikake/lime pepper seasoning powder and “white” roasted sesame seeds, and the other with Yukari (red shiso powder seasoning) all were wrapped in green shiso leaves and lettuce.

The salad dish consisted of the Missus’ specialties, home-pickled carrot tagliatelle with black olives parsley, spicy fried yam/nagai imo and sweet pimentoes with hujiki/sweet seaweed, and her mother beans, vegetables and konbu seaweed “ni”/simmered food.

The dessert was a mixture of fresh Shizuoka orange, Chilean grapes and Chinese lychee.

Plenty for a long day!

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