Today’s bento is called a “Picnic Bento” because of many factors:
I made myself free for lunch and afternoon.
The Missus couldn’t stay home on her day off because of noisy works around and in our appartment bulding.
Lastly it was a gorgeous day, so we decided to go away and enjoy our lunch in the nature!

Now, keep in mind this is a (large) bento for two adults!

The musubi/rice balls are “maze-gohan/mixed rice” styly. The Missus steamed the rice topped with sauteed mushrooms and hijiki/sweet seaweed with their juices. She then mixed the lot and added some roasted sesame seeds.

She made plenty of plain tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette and included home-pickled wasabi stems and myoga ginger.

A very colourful “garnish and salad” box to go with staple rice.

The Missus’ specialty: juicy and so tender chicken karaage/deep-fried chicken with Meyer lemon fopr extra seasoning.

As for the salad, she included sticks (with tartare sauce sachets) of Shizuoka celery, carrots and cucumber. The pointed tomatoes are Renaissance tomatoes grown in Kakegawa City, halfway between Shizuoka and Hamamatsu cities.

Note: The bento boxes are disposable/degradable pastic boxes.

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