The Missus has decided that she will try her hand at rolls, especially “California Rolls” on Tuesdays for a while. I suspect that she is thinking mostly of herself as I know very well that she loves them! I’m not one to complain, mind you!

The packaging was very traditional. The box is one of the old two we keep all the time made of bamboo leaf fibers.
Now, as rolls are not easy to extract from the box, she inserted s dried bamboo leaf inside the box to allow me to “lift the rolls out” of the box.
The Japanese have kept/transported rice balls wrapped in fresh or dried bamboo leaves for thousands of years.

She furthermore placed the roll slices on lettuce for easier handling.
The California Rolls contained nori/dry seaweed, fresh lettuce, smoked salmon, boiled green asparaguses and a mixture of boiled egg and avocado chopped fine and liaised with mayonnaise.

The roll was finally sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

The “side-salad dish” was placed inside the cedar wood box!

More boiled green asparaguses from the Missus’ family garden, pickled ginger roots, home-pickled wasabi stems, yellow mini tomatoes and red Renaissance tomatoes.

Sato imo/taro bought ready at the supermarket and green peas (from the family garden).
Plenty of colours again!

For dessert and plenty of Vitamin C (do not take the leafy part out!), “kanamihime” strawberries from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Just wondering what kind of rolls I will get next week!

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