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New Seasonal Releases; Great New Baird Beer Pub in Hamamatsu

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

We brewers of Baird Beer tend to love the citrus character imparted by pungent American hop varieties. We also are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of fresh local citrus fruit here in Numazu. We combine this love and this fortune every year in the brewing of a special seasonal beer: Pacific Century Citrus IPA.

Pacific Century Citrus IPA 2010 (ABV 6.8%):

This 2010 version is stronger than ever at 70 bittering units and 6.8% alcohol by volume. In it we combine loads of citrusy American hops (Simcoe, Cascade, Ahtanum) with the tart, piquant and highly aromatic local citrus fruit called daidai. The result is an unique India Pale Ale defined by citrus character derived from ingredients from both sides of the Pacific.

Pacific Century Citrus IPA 2010 is available in limited quantities in both bottles (633 ml) and kegs. Consumers can purchase bottles direct from our brewery online E-Shop (

We also are releasing a special experimental beer that we brewers make for our own edification and enjoyment. It will be available on draught only and exclusively at our Taproom pubs to those who know the brewer’s secret handshake! Come in for a pint soon before the brewers drink it all.

Beer House Tir nan-Og Opens in Hamamatsu:

We are thrilled to announce the opening on May 15 of a terrific new Baird Beer-dedicated pub in Hamamatsu called Beer House Tir nan-Og. This warm and sociable pub is the labor-love of our good friends and business partners Yoshiko and Hiro Oishi. This wonderful couple wondered in to our Fishmarket Taproom for the first time way back in September 2000 (before Baird Beer even was available). They immediately became close friends of ours and were smitten with the good beer and pub bug. Ten years later, they have opened the first non-Taproom 100% Baird Beer-dedicated pub in Japan (and the first to retail Baird Beer at all in the city of Hamamatsu). Please pay them a visit at the earliest opportunity and drink a pint to their future success and continued good health. Contact details are below:

Beer House Tir nan-Og
Tel/Fax: 053-450-6006
329-8 Maruman Bldg. 81
Nakaku Tamachi, Hamamatsu
Business Hours:
Weekdays (from 6:00 pm)
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays (from 3:00 pm)
Closed Tuesdays


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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