On the 3rd of June 2010, like every first Sunday of June for the last 18 years, six breweries from Central Shizuoka Pefecture held their Shidabeya (Shida Country) Bishoku (Beautiful Sake) Monogatari (Story) Festival at Shofukaku Hotel in Yaizu City atop the cliff overlooking the Suruga Bay.

I had the pleasure to find some old acquaintances at the Guests’ Table including good old John Gauntner with whom we shared beutiful sake and some good food, including a dessert made with sake kasu/sake white lees!

The six breweries taking part were Oomuraya Brewery from Shimada City and Shidaizumi Brewery from Fujieda City.

Aoshima Brewery in Fujieda City.
Mr. Aoshima asked to convey his warm regards to Melinda!

Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City.

Hatsukame Brewery in Okabe Cho (the name has changed unfortunately! I mean the city!).

Isojiman Brewery which won two gold medals in London last month!

400 guests were present to share the fun. Seats are increasingly difficult to obtain as they are usually all booked a year in advance!

Looking forward to sampling all those great sake again next year!

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