The weather has suddenly turned very hot and dry, making the absorption of liquids vital. However it seems that I Have taken it a bit too litterally recently as a hangover seemed to have chased me around for the past 4 days! LOL

The whole bento was classic and striving for balance and fewer calories as the Missus put it.
Three musubi/rice balls, two containing shredded umeboshi/Japanese pickled plum and wrapped in egomama/large perilla leaves, and one containing boiled edamame.

The Missus added home-pickled myoga ginger for extra taste and healthy nutrients.

Now, what’s inside those rolls?

The rolls came in two types: both were made of thin pork slices wrapped around yam/yamaimo and home-pickled fresh ginger root (the ginger roots are freshly taken out of the earth, as opposite to the somewhat dried samples found all over the world).
The greens are wasabi-na, a kind of lettuce with a taste reminiscent to wasabi without the ping, ameera rubbins mini very sweet tomatoes from Shizuoka.

The tamagoyaki/Japanese Omelette was plain and the supplementary salad consisted of fresh okra seasoned with katsuobushi/dry bonito shavings.

Shizuoka-grown Benihoppe/Red Cheeks strawberries for dessert!

Plenty of vitamins and nutrients! And ver tasty at that! LOL

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