The Missus’ family grows all kinds of vegetables both for the fun and the need of them.
They happen to live in an area of Shizuoka City renown for its farming products.
We were given some very interesting potatoes (please note, not sweet potatoes) of red (outside) and pink (inside, and black (outsid) and violet (inside) colours.
They certainly make for some great presentations and taste exactly the same!

The Missus seems never to be satisfied with the presentation of her bentoes and insists on a variety of colours, which I must say, I totally agree with!

The rice was steamed with a mixture of sanasi/山菜/mountain vegetables we had bought in Kawane, in the central nothern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.
Once the rice was steamed, she mixed the lot and place some inside the cedar wood bento box with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

The pickles part was provided with yellow takuan/沢庵/pickled daikon and mome-pickled myoga ginger.

How many colours in this main dish? (I can already hear Bazooka Gourmet commenting!LOL)

Boiled pink and violet potatoes seasoned with a light vinaigrette, and boiled string beans seasoned with gomatare/sesame dressing.

The Missus took all fat and skin off the chicken for once before steam-frying (first steamed in sauce and then fried) it with carroit.
Her specialty, the soft boiled egg she later lightly fried with the chicken to add taste.

Chilean grapes for dessert.

Colourful, healthy, nutritious and artistic? LOL

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