Picture taken by the Missus!

I don’t have any special title for this bento although it does include some unusual pink potatoes (not sweet potatoes, normal potatoes!)
The Missus having grown proud of her own photography has started sending me her pic of the day’s bento as a matter of course!

My picture,… oh. well…

The “staple” dish was simple in concept but made for some good colours.

Just freshly steamed plain rice with a dash of green tea furikake and broken walnuts.

Meat balls first fried with a coating of cornstarch and finished with curry sauce. Some lettuce anf French cornichons/pickled cucumbers.

Good colours again for the salad and dessert box!

Salad of carrot tagliatelle, black olives, mini tomatoes and fresh coriander.
The large string beans are called “Morokko Ingen”, which probably mean they were first imprted from Morocco (I’m sure about that at all!). They were boiled before being seasoned with goma dare/sesame dressing.

The boiled pink potatoes actually sport red skin, and the flesh is white under the skin, but pink for the largest part of it. Taste like real potatoes!

Dark US cherries for dessert!

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