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Shizuoka Prefecture produces more than 45% of all green tea in Japan, and you are bound to find some interesting derivated products here.
Last wek I brought a small bag of rice which had been polished and coated with matcha! No need to wash it, just steam it right away!

Accordingly the Missus prepared some “Irish” (you know, the colour green! BG, I can hear you!) musubi/rice balls!

The daikon slices pickled in amazu/sweet rice vinegar made for a beautiful contrast in colours! The Missus is becoming artistic!

The “main dish” was both very seasonal and local as most ingredients were bought at the next door supermarket.

Fried red onion and eringi mushrooms with tuna steak (of the cheaper kind, but perfect for cooking!) fried with wasabi sauce and home-pickled wasabi stems for extra zip.

Boiled/stir-fried string beans and mini carrots are local. The Missus sprinkled them with roasted sesame seeds, a must ingredient.

And American dark cherries for dessert!

I will have to keep this bento out of the reach of the local pixies, brownies, elves, leprechauns and banshees (they have other names in Japanese, but the generic term is 0-bake!) until lunch time!

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