Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/49): Heat Wave Bento


We are going through a very trying period of the year as far as the weather in Shizuoka is concerned. It is either torrential rains or infernal heat. A small earthquake last night added to the general grumpiness.
That is when you need good sustenance!

Colours are as important as nutrients, aren’t they?
The Missus steamed plain rice with shredded carrots and served it sprinkled with black roasted sesame seeds and topped with home-cooked-pickled edamame and cucumber pickled with ginger from her home.

Considering all the beer I guzzled after cycling out yesterday in unprotected heat, the Missus kept the calories to a minimum.

“You always make mistakes when you describe my bentoes, so listen carefully to my explanations!” grumbled the Missus as she gracefully shot the pics. Interestingly enough, I was not supposed to learn her little secrets until now…

She wrapped black tiger prawns in thin pork slices dipped in miso, then wrapped them again with shiso/perilla leaves before rolling them in breadcrumbs and deep-frying them. She placed them in the box with lettuce to wrap around the prawns and lemon for extra seasoning.

She prepared an Oknawan-style “chanpuru” by sauteeing together thinly sliced goya and red pimentoes with eggs. The red mini-tomato provided extra vitamins on top of those found in the chanpuru.

Japanese cherries for dessert!

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