You do not have to fill yourself with supplements to insure your sufficient intake of Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Iron.
Red-flesh fish contain far enough and more!

The Japanese take an abundant catch of Pacific Saury or Sanma/秋刀魚(Autumn Sword Fish) and these fish are full of them all!
They can be accomodated in many way although the Japanese will either broil or stew them.

As the have just come in season, although it is still Summer, the Missus buys them in batches, already dressed, and first fry them before stewing them for a short while in sauce of her own.

She steamed the rice with umeboshi flesh and chopped myoga ginger before mixing in two types of roasted sesame seeds.
She placed the fish on top with the sauce wich added plenty of taste to the rice.
She sprinkled the lot with a few home-pickled sansho/Jpanaese pepper seeds and added ome home-made (her mother’s) cucumber and ginger pickles.

The fish certainly looks appetizing, but all that brown color tends to dull the eyesight.
That is when the Missus became a bit inventive!LOL

She started with a Japanese-stylesemi-soft boiled egg sprinkled with balck roasted sesmae seeds.
She the added “chikuwa/fish paste tubes” she filled with okra and cut for artistic effect!
The greens are boiled and fried “tsurumurasaki/Indian spinach, Malabar spinach” seasoned with gomadare/sesame dresing and ground sesame seeds.

The rest of the salad consisted of boiled/fried renkon/lotus roots. carrot, and edamame with some seasoning for plenty of fibers and vitamin C.

More Vitamin C with a dessert of sweet mini tomatoes, plums and nashi/梨 pear!

Great balance!


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