The Missus is a kind lady: she even gives me her colds!
I certainly needed a healthy meal to help go along with this predicament!

I must she came up with a good idea by steaming the rice with vegetables including chopped red pimetoes and burdock roots with curry powder mix she later seasoned with black sesame seeds and to which she some French pickles.

A very colourful and hearty “garnish dish”!

Salad of violet sweet potaoes, walnuts and cheese with lettuce to accompany her specialty: karaage chicken/deep-fried chicken!

Semi-hard boiled egg, boiled string beans and tomato, more lettuce and lemon for extra seasoning! Plenty of Vitamins here!

Shizuoka-grown Benihoppe/Red Cheeks strawberries (more Viamin C!) and banana chips (for more nutrients!).

The cold had somewhat abated by then and I do hope I will feel better tomorrow!LOL

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