It seems we are going through an unusual cold wave these days in Shizuoka Prefefecture. Even Hamamatsu and Shimada Cities woke up under snow! Mind you, it will take a bit more for snow to fall on Shizuoka City, but the day it does, we will be able to say that it is really cold as Central Shizuoka Prefecture is the “mildest” region after Okinawa in Japan!

This time, the Missus prepared one of her favourites: Karaage Chicken/唐揚げ鶏肉/Japanese-style deep-fried chicken.
To tell the truth, I can’t remember the last time I ate deep-fried chicken in one of those notorious eateries.
The point is that the chicken, after being sprinkled with “a bit of this and a bit of that” (the Missus’ secret that I am not even privy to! I know it includes panko, conrnstarch, sometimes eggs, but she has many recipes!), has to be deep-fried into two stages to keep the meat soft, tender and juicy, even after it has cooled down.
So, after after steamed plain white rice she filled the main box with, she placed the karaage chicken on top of the rice and and seasoned each piece with a little wasabi dressing, roasted yellow and black sesame seeds, and some cress/cresson (Shizuoka-grown).

As for the side dish she aimed at combining ingredients and colors.

The little white “blobs” are boiled 百合の根/yuri no ne/ (edible) lily bulbs! Very tasty, seasoned with gomadare/胡麻ダレ/sesame dressing. The soft-boiled eggs had been “pickled” overnight for better taste (hence the brownish color of their whites) and sprinkled with black sesame seeds. The (Shizuoka-grown) red daikon had been pickled in amazu/甘酢/sweet rice vinegar. Some lettuce was used for the partition and more vitamins and fibers.

More fibers, vitamin C and iron were contributed with Shizuoka-grown (raw) plum tomatoes and (boiled) Brussels sprouts.

More welcome nutrients and colors with green kiwi fruit (Shizuoka City) and Red Pearl Benihoppe strawberries (Fujinomiya City)!

Perfect bento before going out into the cold again!

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