Grand old Ladies serving local food from Kiyozawa Village Station up the Abe River In Shizuoka City!

Today was the second day of the Shimizu Harbor Food Fair/清水みなと屋台まつり, an increasingly popular event already in its 3rd year.
Even at 10:00 in the morning it was already pretty crowded and reporting (and eating) was quite a tussle!

The event seen from Shimizu JR Station platform.

The sun was back with us after 2 days of miserable weather and people were keen to go out and enjoy great local food at the stands/yatai/屋台!

Don’t forget to take a picture of snow-capped Mount Fuji whenever you come to Shimizu as the elevated station is a great viewpoint!

We were still at 10:00. I don’t want to imagine the crowds early in the afternoon, or even in the dark as the event is held until 20:00!

The banner for “inoshishi man/steamed wild boar meat bun”!
All the way from Kiyosawa up in the mountains along the Abe River!

I had to wait 20 minutes before I could get mine!
Actually, one the ladies chased me as I was reporting to kindly hand me the steaming hot wild boar bun in person!

Kintsuba, already almost gone!
A favorite Japanese cake of mine! Actually, it is vegan!

The stand of the famous yakisoba/fried noodles from Fujinomiya City!

Hands off, LOL!
I know a lot of non-Japanese who would not stop eating them!

That is, unless their eyes catch the fried food in that stand!

Appetizing, aren’t they?

But if I were you I would take my time and after two rounds maybe sample of these yakitori!

But there is plenty for those who don’t fancy meat: Scrumptious-looking sastuma sticks/fried sweet potato wedges!

Many local izakayas like “Ashika” had raised their stands for some great PR!

How about some kushiyaki/串焼き/Japanese brochettes?

Don’t forget to sip a glass of great Shimizu Sake: Garyubai/臥龍梅 by Sanwa Brewery/三和酒造!

Takoyaki/たこ焼/Fried octopus dumplings are a universal favorite!

And so much fun to see them being prepared!

And more brochettes and other morsels that Japanese and non-Japanese would love to sample with a (big) glass of beer!

Now, this is a very local specialty: Stick ginger (fresh) and leek bun from Kuno Yamaguchi Garden (Near Kunozan Shrine!)!

I kept this for the end and my just reward for reporting (lol): Shizuoka Ken Suruga Shamo/Shizuoka Prefecture Suruga Shamo Chicken/静岡県駿河しゃも!
Now, this is true (and comparatively expensive: 200 yen a small stick or 500 yen a small bowl of soup) gastronomic food as this variety of chicken raised in Shizuoka Prefecture is known all over the country for its superlative taste!

No need to say that I exchanged business cards with the breeder as I will interview him soon at his farm up in Umegashima in the mountains near the source of the Abe River!

Looking forward to the next event in Shimizu Harbor, a major fishing harbor in the whole of Japan (and the izakas in the vicinity)!

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