(Cheap brand) bread gone…

The past week has been marked by some panic-buying, especially in Tokyo, but here in Shizuokka people are slowly becoming more reasonable in spite of the fears provoked mainly by foreign media and alarmist Embassies who haven’t realized that their apocalypse announcements have been closely watched by Japanese viewers.

No so many instant noodles gone yet.

Shizuoka is nonetheless the most earthquake-prone area in Japan, but its citizens are gradually accepting the situation with a lot of calm in spite of their private concerns.

Still more than half of the larger instant noodle meals left.

I paid a visit to the nearest Shizutetsu store, part of a local mega supermarket chain to have an idea for myself of the situation.

Half of the protein biscuits gone. They are French…

Interestingly enough only 3 types of merchandise were sought after:
Toilet paper, Fresh bread and instant noodles.

Breads and cakes almost gone…

I understand the buying of toilet paper and instant noodles, but fresh bread? How long can you keep it?

Plenty of juice, milk and yoghurt left.

No panic for fruit and vegetables!

Maybe bananas are going faster…

Stacke of meat and fish.

I hope that my friends abroad will understand that the Japanese are markedly wiser in the event of a major catastrophe!

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