Mixed salad of organic vegetables from Matsuki bio Farm

Service: excellent, easy-going and very friendly
Facilities: great washroom, great cleanliness overall
Prices: very reasonable, good value.
Strong points: Very fresh local ingredients, especially organic vegetables extensively used. Local sake. Home-made umeshu. Great shochu list.
Non-smoking on Sundays and National Holidays!

I just can’t stop re-visiting Uzu. I just have too many reasons for that: the food there is exclusively seasonal and so healthy.
For once I was lucky to have dinner there on a National Holiday, meaning that smoking was completely prohibited!

Uzu is off the beaten tracks away from the bustling centre of Shizuoka City, a small haven of Japanese tradition.

But it is safe to say that their sign is modern calligraphy art!

The day’s specials are always hand written on paper posted outside.

They are written by Chef Yoshimura’s wife. Bring a Japanese friend with you to help you understand the menu. It is worth it as all the farmers and breeders of the food served inside are clearly stated!

The snack coming with the first drink included Sakura Ebi/Cherry Shrimps tofu! A great way to serve the specialty from Yui!

We first had the haru Yasai Gorogoro salad, a salad made with all kinds of organic Spring vegetables grown at Matsuki Bio Farm in Fujinomiya City!

From another angle to show the beautiful raw mushrooms. The dressing was also vegetarian!

For once we didn’t have a sake from Shizuoka Prefecture but Hitakami/日高見 from Miyagi Prefecture. We had to pay cash for this sake as part of it woill go to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture! What a great way to contribute!

For the sashimi we had a combination of the sea and the land!

Benimasu/salmon trout from Fujinomiya City!

Isaki/Chicken grunt from the Suruga Bay.
The freshly grated wasabi is from Umgashima, Shizuoka City!

Amagi Shamo Chicken bred in Shuzenji, Izu Peninsula: Amagi Shamo Chicken innards and leaf Ginger in Shichuan style/Amagi Shamo Naizou to Ha Shouga, shisen style.

For a closer look!
This dish has been inspire by a friend of Mr. Yoshimura’s. I will dine there soon!

A cute serving on a beautiful earthenware dish!

We did drink fresh water, with the difference that all the fresh water served at Uzu come from the well of Hatsukame Brwery in Okabe!

Amagi Shamo thighs grilled to perfect balance served with fresh wasabi sauce!

Now, I know a lot of people who would like to try this dessert:
Vanilla and brown sugar ice-cream topped with umeshu and its chopped ume! Ume is Japanese plum, and ume shu is made with ume, sake and shochu!

Don’t worry, there will be many other reports on this great Shizuoka Izakaya which is the epitome of our Prefecture’s gastronomy!

Shizuoka City, Otowa-cho, 3-18
Tel.: 054-249-6262
Business hours: 17:00~23:00
Lunch on reservation only
Closed on Mondays and first Tuesday
Reservations recommended
Credit cards OK
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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