I suppose many have heard of the Japanese delicacy called oyakodon/親子丼, meaning a pot/plate filled with rice with a topping made a chicken omelette (in Hokkaido it is salmon and salmon’s roe!).
“Oyako” means “parent and child”. In this case it means chicken and eggs. As don/丼/pot or plate does not qualify this ekiben is called “meshi/めし/rice or meal.
I bought it today at Shizuoka JR Railway Station at the Tokaiken Co. booth.

This particular ekiben being a very long best seller the original design is a bit retro!

For a better look after having taken the thread and chopsticks away!

It is not so big but quite deep and there is plenty inside it!

Now, what do we have here?

As seen from above the meshi/rice is topped with simmered chicken (no fat or skin), Japanese scrambled egg in “soboro” style (It is sweet) and green peas.

Once you dig in you realize this is “mazegohan/混ぜご飯 or mixed rice” (They also call it sakurahan/桜飯/cherry rice), a typical Japanese way of preparing rice. The rice has been mixed with the chicken pieces and fine strips of bamboo shoot, kamaboko/fish paste cake and burdock/gobou/牛蒡 root! Very tasty rice, indeed!

As for the side dish: nimono/simmered items/煮物, carrot, lotus root, fuki/giant butterbur stems, burdock root, tofu cake, konnyaku/elephant tuber.

The Japanese would never have their ekiben or bento without some pickles!
In this case daikon in umeboshi juice and cucumber!

To be continued…

With a Glass,
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