Today the Missus prepared my bento inside Ikawa Menpa Lunch Boxes!
These are made in Shizuoka City by one of the very few Japanese craftsmen left plying their trade in the creation of true lunch boxes, Mr. Yoshiaki Mochizuki/望月良秋さん who uses only hinoki/檜/Japanese cypress and sakura no ki/桜の木/cherry tree bark from Shizuoka City mountains!

The Missus devised this lunch with a concern for the very hot weather again when people not only need to drink lots of water but also absorb solid food!

As for the rice, after steaming it, she mixed it with plenty of home-pickled myoga ginger she had sliced beforehand and golden sesame seeds.
She actually tries to include sesame seeds any time she can for their great nutritious value.

As for the sweet and sour pork she first seasoned thin slices of pork belly and rolled them into rough balls before frying them in a sweet and sour sauce of her own recipe. Just before the pork was ready she stir-fried red and yellow sweet pimento and violet onions with it and put the lot atop the rice with a couple of French cornichons/pickles.

The side box was very much of Okinawan inspiration!

Goya champuru, the original Okinawa recipe, is basically made with goya/sour gourd and eggs. Some people add tofu and katsuo bushi/dried bonito shavings, but actually the recipes are innumerable!
The Missus made a simple one withn goya and eggs. Beautiful summer colors!

I actually contributed to the other half as I had made the umshu plum last year!
She added some Japanese cherries and small Shizuoka tomatoes with a bit of lettuce for the vitamins and fibers!

Certainly plentiful, tasty and colorful once again!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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