Unagi/Eel/鰻 is one of the famous local products in Shizuoka Prefecture and they are particularly popular in Summer!
The eels are first grilled then repeatedly dipped into tare/sauce and broiled over a live fire.
There are many recipes for them and accordingly, tastes even vary from city district to city district!

Tokaiken Co Ltd. offers a single ekiben with eel simply called unagi meshi/うなぎめし/Eel Lunch.

The design is very simple and actually the eel represents the first character “u/う” of unagi/うなぎ in hiragana!

As usual all ingredients are clearly stated by Tokaiken Co. Ltd

A film of special paper prevents the eel to stick to the box cover!

Now, what do we have?

It all looks simple but this eel has been carefully broiled!

A small bottle of extra “tare/たれ” sauce is provided!

Pickled daikon and a sachet of Japanese pepper/sanshyou/山椒 for more seasoning.

That’s how it looks after having sprinkled the eel with the “tare” and the “sanshyou” powder!
One scoops it with chopsticks together with rice.
Simple, satisfying and delicious!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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