Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/45): Spider Crab Bento!


After almost a month’s hiatus the fiery Dragon at home has finally cooled down and resumed her bento creations!
Today’s title comes from the fact we were offered a succulent (and enormous) spider crab last night which the Missus steamed (or boiled? she didn’t tell me!) and partly served for dinner keeping enough apart for today’s bento!

She steamed plain white rice before mixing it with all kinds of ingredients cut in small pieces, except for the crab meat. The latter had been divided into shredded meat and whole leg meat.

She mixed the rice with thinly sliced Japanese cucumbers, small pieces of lemon, avocado, shredded crab meat and small pieces of black pepper processed cheese.
She topped the whole with the same plus the crab leg meat cut into small pieces for design and garnish.

As for the side box she kept things simple and light considering the comeback of the searing hot weather.

For the vegetables she placed bean salad and more boiled black beans on a bed of Shizuoka-grown cress and added a cut plum tomato for more vitamins and design.

For dessert she prepared her specialty, tamgoyaki/Japanese omelette, sweet enough to be considered as such!

The Dragon might have lost some of her fire but the weather is simply scalding outside.
A tasty and colorful bento for a typical summer day!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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