Lunch Box/Bento 3

Today’s Lunch Box/Bento 3-1
Today’s bento !

Lunch Box/Bento 3 : The weather is still very hot although the humidity has somewhat abated. It is when people tend to drink more than they eat, forgetting that the human body needs as many calories in hot summers as in cold winters.

Since bentos are served cold or lukewarm at best they are perfect for the summer, although you do have to be careful about preserving the quality and safety of the food. The latter conditions add another reason for bentos to be made at home unless you want to feed yourself with preservatives!

Today’s Lunch Box/Bento 3-2
Yummy prawn

We had some large prawns handy in the fridge. Waolled them in thin pork belly strips and deep-fried them with coarse panko/breadcrumbs. Once cooked, let them rest on a grill to cool down and give out any extra fat..

Today’s Lunch Box/Bento 3: -3
Add the sauce on the prawns !

Line the bento box with plenty of rice topped with shredded vegetables. The latter will soak in any extra juice and sauce and add taste to the whole.
She place the prawns on top and seasoned them with sweet sesame and miso barbecue sauce. Add a small cornichon for the last touch.

Today’s Lunch Box/Bento 3: -4
Plenty of vegetables for a good balance !

Plenty of vegetables must balance the meat and the rice (the latter providing only carbohydrates and fibers).
We served them both cooked and raw.

Aubergine, eggplans and red peppers !

As for the cooked vegetables she stir-fried aubergines/eggplants, green and red peppers, all cut roughly to the same size for even cooking, in a piquant sauce. Put the finishing touch by sprinkling black sesame seeds on top.

As for the raw vegetables, and the color touch, place cut yellow plum tomatoes on a bed of cress.
Lastly dessert was provided with red grapes.

Healthy, plentiful and savory!


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