Japanese Gastronomy: Fuji-Takasago Brewery Public Opening

Fuji-Takasago Brewery Public Opening: Some happy participants!

For the last 8 years or so Fuji-Takasago Brewery has been holding a Brewery Public Opening Day on their premises in Fujinomiya City with the collaboration of Sanoman Co., the largest delicatessen company in the Prefecture.
The event is attracting a lot of attention from the whole of Shizuoka Prefecture as demonstrated by thousands of visitors from all corners of the Prefecture!
The joint event has become a reference for an ever-growing number of similar festivals in Shizuoka!

The train saw a lot of people going down at Nishi Fujinomiya Station at a walking distance from the Brewery. Some of them took the opportunity to eat hot pork soups at Sanoman Co. which stands on the other side of the street!

The soups on offer!

They were the more welcome by the cold weather!

I had a quick look inside Sanoman Co. as I knew quite a few of their products would be on sale on the Brewery premises!

And then we had only the street to cross to enter Fuji-Takasago Brewery!

The whole staff with their young owner were busy welcoming everyone!

Take note of the Fuji-Takasago sake kegs!

Quite a few notable visitors were already enjoying themselves including Kenya Yoshimura, owner of Uzu Restaurant in Shizuoka City!

Sakekasu/sake white lees were on sale for customers who will use them for amazake/sweet sake or nabe/hotpot back home!

Fujinomiya Yakisoba!

Visitors were even treated to a show by local folklore dance groups!

A keen crowd!

Cute kids taking part in the dance!

Slightly tired performers!

But my first destination was the sake served for free by the brewmasters (Noto School) themselves!

Directly from the brewing tanks!

Many local producers were selling their products!

Strawberry jams and cakes!

But the cold weather required plenty of hot food: Delicious croquettes by Sanoman Co.!

Baked sweet potatoes!

Hot tonjiru soup!

It certainly brought smiles on many faces!

Even so, quite a few visitors gathered around one of the many fires!

Another method to keep away from the cold was to queue for more free sake!

What with visitors coming from far away the brewery staff was busy selling their nectars!

It was a battle to reach the bottles!

Sake is fine but one can’t drink on an empty stomach, so it was back to the food stands!

Mind you, there was plenty of green tea on offer!

Home-made natural yeast bread!

Tonjiru soup and karaage chicken!

Now, what is this freshly made anko/sweetmeats for?


Apart of Fuji-Takasago Brewery and Sanoman Delicatessen, there were two more stars present!
First Kunugi Rainbow Trout Farm from Fujinomiya City!

It was non-stop work for the Kunugis!

Couldn’t wait for these beauties to be ready!


Very happy visitors!

A very rare treat: Red caviar from the land, Rainbow trout Roe!

Another rare treat: canned raibow Trout!

The other star was yakitori by Aoki Chicken Farm in Fuji City!

They certainly needed a lot to satisfy the enormous demand!

Absolutely non-stop work again!

I can guarantee you they were worth the wait!

I’ll have to come earlier next year!


With a Glass,
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