Salad of Sayori/針魚/Japanese Halfbeak in Champagne Vinaigrette and Shizuoka Vegetables!

Service: Very friendly and relaxed. Very intelligent explanations and presentations.
Equipment: Great general cleanliness in a beautifully decorated house. Superb washroom
Prices: Very reasonable considering the extravagant quality.
Strong points: A great accent on local products both from the land and the sea. Gastronomic Italian-style cuisine with a constant research on new products and methods. Excellent wine list. Superb grappa.

I’m not afraid to aver that NORI in Fujieda City is the best Italian restaurant in Shizuoka Prefecture, and I’m certainly not the only person to venture in such a declaration!

Fuminori and Eri Nishitani/西谷文紀砥英里御夫妻!

After years in Italy honing his talents, Fuminori Nishitani opened his Restaurant NORI in Fujieda City completely off the beaten tracks inside a splendid house that his mother originally used an atelier on October 1st 2003 in the company of his wife, Eri, who looks after the dining room/hall in spite of a growing family.

The main dining room sits up to 20 guests at tables while a side room can sit small parties as well one other room with Japanese style seating.
Incidentally you are asked to take your shoes off to wear comfortable slippers and the whole place is absolutely non-smoking!

A bulletin informs all guests of coming events in a simple manner.

The decoration and furniture are certainly worth a second and third look for its beautiful combination of many genres!

Even the layout of the tables reflects a sweet marriage of cultures!

If you sit at the right table you can see the Chef at work in the distant kitchen!

The “official wine list”!

An excellent wine list is on offer but bear in mind there are many more nectars stashed away for your asking!

The menu of the night!

Whereas at lunch time you do not need to reserve (but play safe by calling beforehand!) dinner has to be reserved over the phone.
You will be asked to propose your own budget and the Chef will prepare a menu accordingly!
If you ask a few days in advance you can also arrange for specialties of your liking with the Chef.
You will find a personal menu card waiting for you beside your plate for you to take back home with notes you can write on as each dish is carefully explained to you!

Arigatou/Thank you! design on your Japanese-style paper tablecloth!

Here is the wine we ordered:
Maurus 207, Vie de Romans, Merlot Grapes in Piemonte!
Solid but very smooth and fruity!

Foie gras crostini!

As a rule, I do not mention prices, but this is an exceptional case: I had reserved a dinner according to a budget of 7,000 yen per person (drinks not included), that is, 70 Euros or nearly 90 US$, to show you the great value!
The above foie gras crostini was not mentioned on the menu card!

Salad of Sayori/針魚/Japanese Halfbeak in Champagne Vinaigrette and Shizuoka Vegetables!
Sayori or halfbeak is a favorite at sushi restaurants. They are in their best season right now in the Suruga Bay bathing our shores!
That particular fish was caught in Sagami/相模.

The fish was served as a variant of carpaccio with a succulent Champagne vinaigrette and chrysanthememum petals.
The pearl tomatoes are grown by Mr. Suzuki in Iwata City while all the other vegetables come from the Farm of Mr. Iguchi in Fujieda City!

Home-baked soft walnut bread!

Home-baked Shizuoka green tea bread!

A potage made with “uangi imo” from Hamamatsu City!
Unagi imo is a very sweet kind of sweet potato/satsuma imo. No sugar was added in spite of its incredible sweetness! A discovery!

“Aburi Anago no Spaghetti, Yuzu Koshio Fuuaji”/炙り穴子スパゲッティ柚子胡椒風味

Capellini-style spaghetti with conger eel seasoned with yuzu koshio/lime pepper sauce!

The leaf vegetable on top of the conger eel (very famous product of Western Shizuoka!) is urui/うるい/Hosta Montana, a kind of wild mountain vegetable!

Whole wheat garganerri with gibier sauce!
Unfortunately the ingredients in the game sauce were a secret but I suspect that wild boar and venison were involved…

Great parmesan shaved on top!

Chef Nishitani brought this contraption from Italy to make his own garganerri!

Ezo Shika Venison from Hokkaido with a symphony of Shizuoka vegetables!
For once, a product not from Shizuoka Prefecture but the vegetables were proud to contribute!

The “ezo shika/蝦夷鹿 venison!

And the superlative vegetables!

Kuri to Younashi No Mousse/Chestnuts and pear Mousse!

And it was finally time for desserts!
The Missus was served (the desserts will be different!) the above Mousse made from chestnuts and pears!

For a side view!

I ate half of that waffle!

Mikan/oranges Mousse and Ivoire Chocoltes tiles for my own dessert/dolce!

From another angle!

A nice little discovery inside!
I know a lot of people who would visit the place just for its dolce!

Saint Valentine Day is around the corner!
Now, what do these truffles made of unagi imo and chocolate hide inside?

Houji Tea and Green Matcha Tea mousse!

And coffee is served the right way!

Naturally savors and taste were absolutely mind-rocking! I hope the above pictures will give you a good idea of what to expect!
Actually I’ll be guiding Chef Nishitani in an enormous organic vegetable farm in Fujinomiya City at the foot of Mount Fuji next week (report in the offing, of course!)!

426-0204 Shizuoka Ken, Fujieda Shi, Tokigaya, 864-3
Tel./Fax: 054-641-4778
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00; 18:00~22:00
On reservation only for dinner
Closed on Tuesdays and first Monday
Credit cards OK
HOMEPAGE (Japanese, but do check it for great photographs of the house and garden!)


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