Non Smoking Rules on Railway Platforms in Japan and Shizuoka City


The smoking and non smoking issue on railway platforms and trains in Japan has been a long saga.
Some time agao the local trains on the Tokaidou Line running through Shizuoka have been made completely non-smoking, but the Shinkasen bullet trains on the same line serviced by the JR Tokai Co. still allows at least two smoking carriages in every train whereas many other companies (they are all regional since the were privatized some time ago) have completely banished smoking from their Shinkansen trains!
Smells/stinks like some Tokyo politicians have a hand into that…
Even the platforms for the Shinkasen have “smoking corners”!

The photo above was taken two days ago in Shizuoka City JR Railway Station before boarding a local train down to Kikugawa City!
Less than a minute later I had to give a big mouthful (in Japanese) to an old guy who was smoking in the next queue!
He did carefully extinguish his cigarette on the platform but placed it back in his mouth with a deregatory wave in my direction…

Mind you, for all this sheer stupidity and unconcern of a single individual, over 99% of the Japanese comply to the rules without a grumble…


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