Now, why did I call this bento “Color Orange” (nothing to do with “Agent”!)?
Well, the color was obviously present not only in the picture but also in the ingredients! Just remember that one way to translate “orange” in Japanese is “daidai/橙”!
Incidentally, orange is the official color of Shizuoka Prefecture!

The Missus (did I tell you her nickname is “Dragon”?) introduced the color in the “mazegohan/mixed rice” which included finely chopped carrot. She just filled one box with the lot sowing plenty of boiled (from her family’s garden) green peas for added taste and design.

Can you guess the element “orange” in the side box?
Actually one is invisible as an ingredient?

The orange color is obvious in the Missus’ half-boiled egg atop a salad consisting of potatoes, red onion, black olives and pink pepper flanked with lettuce grown at home.
I always try to entice the Dragon to include as much of her potato salad as possible! LOL

Beside the delicious plum tomato lies an interesting concept for a salad: thinly sliced cucumber, sesame seeds, natsu mikan orange wedges and boiled prawns, the lot seasoned with Daidai Koshio pepper, the invisible “orange” element!

If the Missus continues in the same vein, her bentos will not only be great to eat, they might become a photograph essay of its own!


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