Italian Gastronomy: Spring Lunch (2013) at Aquavite in Shizuoka City!


Service: Excellent and very friendly
Facilities: Great cleanliness overall. Small but beautiful washroom
Prices: Reasonable to expensive.
Strong points: Great use of local products, especially organic vegetables in inventive cuisine. Top-class Italian wines. Private room for~8 people

Aquavite has at last and deservedly come to age! Now with two capable chefs helping out Chef Masaru Aoki/青木優さん one can patronize one of the top Italian restaurants in the Prefecture at any time even when the latter is away on business!

The establishment has always made it a point to preserve an easy-going but still elegant atmosphere without ostentation.

Lunch time is a great time to first experience the great food before venturing into more serious business at dinner although lunches on request certainly do not have anything to envy about dinners!

But what I most love about this place apart of their superb food is the fact that they extensively use and advertise local products. Not always as easy as you might think!

First appetizer: lotus root grown in Asabata, Shizuoka City, burdock and Romaesco broccoli grown in our Prefecture!

Second appetizer: Na no Han/rape flowers and Mangenton ham!

This ham produced by Sano Co. in Fujinomiya City has attracted national attention of late!

Cabbage and bean soup!

Delicious Italian “comfort/soul food”!

Bread is always home-baked and hust out of the oven!

Vongo;e spaghetti for pasta! So elegant!

Yummy cockles from Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture and broccoli from Shizuoka Prefecture!

Roasted 4-month ol lamb from new Zealand and Shizuoka vegetables for the main dish!

Not a gram of fat! such a beautiful combination with sweet carrots!

All succulent vegetables, which bring such great balance, are from Shizuoka and mostly organic!

A message that cherry blossoms are about to flower in this dessert!

Shizuoka-grown strawberry panacotta and roasted strawberry!

How about that for a cheery tree!
Spring has definitely come!

To be continued (count on that again!)….

420-0034 Shizuoka Shi, Tokiwa-cho, 1-2-7, Tomii Bldg. 3F
Tel. & fax: 054-2740777
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00 18:00~22:00
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)
Credit Cards OK
Non-smoking private room available!


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